Best Meal Delivery Services of 2022

If you’re a busy person, you would understand what it’s like not to have time for meal preparing. Meal subscription boxes work great for busy moms, people on a diet with strict meal plans, and working parents. Here are some of the best ones available.

March 2022 Top 10 Meal Delivery Services

BistroMD Meal Delivery Service


A BistroMD plan can be a weight loss plan, usual meal plans, strict dietary plans and many others. You can make a custom plan that suits you. There is a wide variety of foods on their menu and it is flexible enough for you to make changes depending on what you wish for. Their meals are delivered frozen and so you would have to heat it up. They taste excellent enough for you to schedule another delivery.

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Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service

Sun Basket

This meal delivery service is one of the popular healthy meal services that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner for interested subscribers. All their meals are created with clean, organic, whole, nutrient-filled ingredients. You don’t have to worry about quality because they are a certified organic food handler. Their recipes include seafood, organic eggs and produce. Their meal options are revised weekly so there's a variety of choices when need be.

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Mosaic Meal Delivery Service


Mosaic meals make meal-prep super easy. They prepare plant-powered meals and freeze them ready for use. You simply have to pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, and your meal is ready to go. Mosaic meal plans are mostly made of veggies and a wide range of your favorite foods prepared healthily. The meal plans include assorted Veggie bowls, Noodle bowls, and Risottos. To get fresh meals, simply select your meals and a plan, receive your delivery, and heat up.

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Top Chef Meal Delivery Service

Top Chef Meals

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service that caters to your complete nourishment, then Top Chef Meals are your best bet. The loveliest part about their services is that you do not have to subscribe to any plans before you can get a nice, fresh meal. The only thing you need to do is choose a meal, customize it based on your preferences; they cook it and deliver it to you. Warm it up for about 3 minutes and enjoy.

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Dinnerly Meal Delivery Service


This service claims to be the most affordable delivery service that offers easy and tasty dinners. With this service, you can say goodbye to grocery shopping and long hours making dinner for as long as you wish. If you’re bothered about having something for the kids, this service has also got you covered. They have kid-friendly recipes to give you the full family package. Choose your meal recipes, receive your box of ingredients, and cook in a few minutes.

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Balance Meal Delivery Service


This is one of the easiest meal delivery services you can come across. Their meals are easy to prep, very delicious, nutritious without making you add extra weight. The meals are balanced and are health conscious. All meals from Balance taste fresh and healthy so you can concentrate on other important aspects while still eating a balanced healthy diet. For more info, check out their plans on their site.

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Marley Spoon Meal Delivery Service

Marley Spoon

This meal delivery service in partnership with Martha Stewart collaborates to bring you the finest proportioned meal plan that not only helps you avoid waste, it also keeps your waist slim. You can create a plan based on the number of people you want to cater for and the foods you need on your plan.

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UrthBox Meal Delivery Service


For individuals that love a vegan, organic diet but are too busy to plan one, this meal service comes in handy. Urthbox subscription meal box is a great way to try out new vegan delicacies at affordable prices. They focus on mainly healthy, organic and non-GMO. They, however, have other organic dietary choices outside of vegan delicacies which you can choose if preferred.

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Real Eats Meal Delivery Service

Real Eats

This service delivers tasty meals that make eating healthy a breeze. It’s ideal for busy, healthy eaters or newbies to healthy eating. Meals are affordable, even though they are chef-made. You can choose your meals based on the available plans — Just Dinner or Dinner + Breakfast. Each meal is exquisite, delicious, and healthy. There are also side add-ons, drinks, and smoothies to go with your meals.

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Some Additional Recommended Meal Delivery Services

Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron

Blue Apron keeps dinner interesting with new recipes for every order. Meals range from premium to health-conscious and lots more. Your ingredients are carefully packed and insulated in your box, always fresh. Within minutes you can whip it up together and create a masterpiece without stepping into the grocery store.

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Home Chef Meal Delivery Service

Home Chef

Home Chef meal delivery service provides a subscription plan where you receive ingredients and directions to get a healthy meal on your table. If you would rather not prep anything at all, there are entrée salads and oven-ready meal choices that are great for the usual dietary needs individuals might have. You can customize your meal plan as you wish using a mix of comfort foods as well as healthy meals.

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Fresh and Easy Meal Delivery Service

Fresh and Easy

You’re right to think that meals from this meal delivery service come ‘Fresh and Easy’ because this is exactly what you get. Simpler meals that come in fresh and super easy to prepare. Items in your home-cooking kit are pre-sliced, chopped and ready to slide into the oven. All you need to do is grab a plate and hang on for some minutes while it gets nice and warm. It works great for couples as well as family-sizes, all you have to do is customize according to your needs.

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Freshology Meal Delivery Service


This is a meal delivery company that runs a diet-to-go service. This means that you can meet your dietary plans and weight loss goals in no time with their meals. They provide a healthy, balanced diet. Freshly prepared to help you with your weight loss goals. They offer about 5 different meal programs that work with almost every weight loss needs. The meals come in almost-ready to eat, you only need to microwave it.

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Epicured Meal Delivery Service


This service concentrates on low FODMAP and gluten-free ready to eat foods. It’s a very easy service to set up. What you need to do is visit their site, select the foods you would prefer on their menu and schedule your delivery date or time. You can receive your meal box wherever you wish, home or office. You can also plan ahead for next week or change or skip items you no longer want on your plan.

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SnackNation Meal Delivery Service


SnackNation goes out of the norm of delivering meals and chose to go with the Snack option. Just like meal delivery services, SnackNation provides premium snacks and gifts to employees and family members upon request. The service offers different types of snack boxes based on your preferences. Some of these snack boxes include the Mindfulness Box, Happy-Hour Box, Super Snack Box, Amplify Box, and lots more. It also offers you the opportunity to include personal notes and other effects per box.

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The Dinner Daily Meal Delivery Service

The Dinner Daily

With Dinner Daily, you can get yourself healthy, affordable meals every week. While the service doesn’t cook your meals for you, it takes hours off your grocery shopping time by helping you plan your shopping, allowing you to plan your dinners. You start by choosing the foods you want on your plan, select the size of your menu and your favorite grocery store. The service creates your personalized weekly meal plan shopping list, you shop quicker, and dinner becomes an easy affair.

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Urban Remedy Meal Delivery Service

Urban Remedy

An organic, fresh food company that brings ready-to-eat, delicious meals to your door-step. Their meals are ever fresh and specially selected for their ingredients that heal, tasty flavors and glycemic index. They make some of the best organic meals, handcrafted to bring you healing through Mother Nature. Their dishes are made with ancient healing principles that nourish you wholly.

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Purple Carrot Meal Delivery Service

Purple Carrot

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service that caters vegan meals then Purple Carrot is what you need. Their meal delivery services work with vegan customers by offering plant-based, delicious and nutritious meals for every time of the day. You can also order for gluten-free, high protein meals or premade snack foods if that suits you better. There are two- and four-serving meal plans available.

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Vegin’ Out Meal Delivery Service

Vegin’ Out

You guessed right! It’s a vegan meal delivery service that preps, cooks and delivers a week’s worth of meals to you per subscription. There are other subscription plans available on the site but you can try out the one-time purchase to see if it works for you before committing to it.

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Jet Fuel Meal Delivery Service

Jet Fuel Meals

This service satisfies your healthy-meal cravings by supplying you with fresh, healthy meals as often as you subscribe for. Jet Fuel Meals is a healthy food delivery service that offers different meal plans based on your preferences and lifestyle. There are 5 meal plans available — the Athletic meal plan, 100% Plant-based meal plan, Maintain meal plan, Ketogenic, and Pescatarian Meal Plan. With so many plans available, there’s something for everyone.

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Freshly Meal Delivery Service


With Freshly, you get fresh meals that you can heat up within 3 minutes and enjoy. Their meal delivery services work best for single individuals, and not families or couples. All Freshly meals are gluten-free and can be dairy-free, or low carb. This meal-delivery service may not, however, be ideal for people who prefer plant-based meals because their meals are often made with meat or poultry. You can store the meals in the refrigerator to use in the future.

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Healthy Chef Meal Delivery Service

Healthy Chef

This meal delivery service is essentially designed to meet the needs of professionals, busy parents, health- conscious individuals, and the typical modern family. Every week, Healthy Chef prepares healthy meals based on their numerous meal plans. The service is mainly conscious of catering to your health, and they reflect this in their meal plans. There’s the Healthy Gut Diet Plan, Healthy Detox Diet Plan, Radiant Beauty Diet, Menopause Diet, Weight Management Diet, and lots more.

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Sakara Meal Delivery Service


A meal delivery service that specializes in fresh, organic, perfectly-portioned meals that cater to your entire well-being. This meal-delivery service places healthy eating at the top of their services and stays committed to ensuring that you get healthy meals throughout the length of your subscription. Sakara meal delivery has a wide range of the length of days you’ll like to subscribe for including the 3-Day, 5-Day, 2-Day plan and lots of other tailored plans.

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Snap Kitchen Meal Delivery Service

Snap Kitchen

Unlike some meal delivery services which deliver prepped ingredients which you still have to put together, Snap Kitchen gives you fully prepared meals that can be eaten as soon as you receive. Their meals are freshly made every day by chefs and certified dieticians so you can rest assured that your meals will taste as great as they look. Dietary options are included, such as paleo, high protein, Whole30, and other vegetarian plans.

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Veestro Meal Delivery Service


If you need 100% plant-based meals, Veestro is one of the best on the block. Their meals are safe for vegetarian and vegan diets, made with non-GMO organic ingredients. If you’re looking for meals that require no meal prep, this works well too. All you need to do is warm it up in the oven if you would prepare it fresh. The meals are tailored to your needs and requirements and there is a wide variety of plans to choose from to match your schedule and budget.

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Green Chef Meal Delivery Service

Green Chef

Just like their name suggests, Green Chef is a certified organic meal delivery service that gives you ever-fresh meals weekly, biweekly or monthly. You can choose whichever works best for you. Their recipes also support many dietary choices and patterns including keto, paleo and vegan. You can change or skip your orders easily on the go. The company is also earth-friendly and this is very obvious in their packaging.

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EveryPlate Meal Delivery Service


If you’re looking for flexible meal plans, this is the delivery service you didn’t know you needed. They’re affordable and can provide the most go-to meals every home needs. However, they may not be ideal if you are a healthy eater or vegetarian. The service also offers lots of discounts for students, and so anybody can afford it. Its menu is a weekly rotating one, so every week is something new and exciting.

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Fresh n’ Lean Meal Delivery Service

Fresh n’ Lean

Here’s a healthy, organic meal delivery service for you to try. You get your meals delivered on time every week and they are absolutely fresh and delicious. If you’re on a calorie plan, this service works well too because they always stay within your calorie intake so that you can stay fresh n’ lean while still eating great meals.

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HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service


Vegetarians and vegetable lovers get in here! Say hello to fresh meals delivered to your doorstep at affordable and friendly rates. You get to choose what you want to see on your plate and what you would rather avoid, for example, beef or seafood. The meals are easy and quick to prepare, and under 30minutes you can get to eating healthy meals; you and your family.

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MamaSezz Meal Delivery Service


Specifically designed to cater to all your belly needs. To get on this subscription service all you need to do is choose your meals. These are usually plant-based and vegan pre-made meals. You receive your meals right on schedule and you do not have to cook it. However, since it arrives frozen, all you have to do is heat it up and enjoy tasty meals from MamaSezz.

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Home Bistro Meal Delivery Service

Home Bistro

Home Bistro delivers to you ‘restaurant quality and all-natural meals’. With each subscription, you get pre-prepared meals straight to your door. The meals are readymade so you only have to microwave it before you eat. They are a unique brand because you get healthy Mediterranean-inspired meals made with organic ingredients. This means that you can be sure to get nutritious and wholesome meals at all times.

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Daily Harvest Meal Delivery Service

Daily Harvest

This is a highly customizable light-meal delivery service that offers you healthy meal options in the form of snacks and smoothies. Daily Harvest is well known for their delicious smoothies but they also offer a wider variety of ‘light-meals’ which include oat bowls, chia bowls, bites and lots more. Their recipes include unprocessed fresh fruit, nuts, whole grains, vegetables etc. These meals are easy to prepare and require only little effort on your part. Great for individuals with busy or tight schedules.

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Yumble Meal Delivery Service


Are you a working parent that’s swimming in deadlines and duties? Then Yumble is the perfect fit for you. It is specially created to assist parents with fussy or picky-eater kids between the ages 1 – 12. These meals contain wholesome, nutritious, fun looking well-balanced meals to get your kids eating foods they usually wouldn’t. There’s a wide range of fruity treats and vegetables that accompany every meal with fun activities for them to do while eating.

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Eatology Meal Delivery Service


This is a premium healthy meal delivery service that takes fresh ingredients and turns them into ready-to-eat meals. There’s a variety of foods to choose from in their menu so you can make a flexible meal plan. From Puerto Rican to Paleo diets and Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake, Eatology can attend to all your dietary needs.

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Hungry Root Meal Delivery Service

Hungry Root

Here’s a plant-based meal delivery service that delivers healthy meals to your door. They pride themselves as the ‘modern way to shop for, cook and love healthy food. They have a wide range of meal plans for you to choose from and customize your meals based on your preferences so that you can enjoy your meals and feel nourished and energized.

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Factor75 Meal Delivery Service


If you’re looking for meals that keep getting better and more appetizing every week then Factor 75 is your go-to. Just when you think it can’t get better than this, it does! This meal-delivery service is committed to delivering quality meals to you, even based on what you like and prefer. Whichever meal you’re looking to get, they can get it done for you. From comfort breakfasts to healthy dinners, the choice is yours. Plans begin at $60 weekly for 4 meals per individual.

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5 Points to Know about Meal Subscription Boxes

Meal subscription boxes give you fast and easy-to-prep meals that take as little as 3 minutes to heat up, ready to eat. If you’re looking to get into any meal subscription box plan or subscribe to any of these services, here are some things you should know before you do so.

  1. Plan Within Your Budget: One important thing to note as you plan towards subscribing to a meal plan is that they can be a little bit pricey. This is therefore why you ought to have a budget you’re working with for your meal plan. Different brands offer varying plans, some are cheap and some are really expensive. Sometimes the type of foods in a plan may be the reason for this high price. Whatever the case may be, have a specific budget for this monthly subscription and select a meal subscription box that fits within your budget.
  2. Be specific about allergies: When you have other people dealing with your meals, it’s easy to forget the little details you might have about your meal preferences. A good meal subscription box should find out what allergies you have or dietary requirements you need in your meals. You may request for the full list of ingredients used in your meal to be double sure. You may also wish to mention it to the meal box company as a reminder. Allergies should not be toyed with especially if it puts your life at risk.
  3. Have a safe delivery location: Whether it is your office or your home, you would need a safe place where your meals can be delivered to you even in your absence. People on a tight schedule usually cannot sit around waiting on their meals to be delivered. If you choose a safe location, no matter what you’re up to or where you are, you can rest assured that your meal is in a good, safe place.
  4. Meal Subscription Boxes Should Be Convenient to Use: This is the number one benefit of a meal subscription box, convenience. From the meal planning stage, as you make your subscription, down to delivery, it must be stress-free. When choosing a meal subscription box, your intention is to take the burden of cooking off your shoulders and not add to it. A good meal subscription box service must be convenient and easy to navigate. The moment it starts to get cumbersome and difficult it is defeating the purpose it’s supposed to be serving.

    You should bear in mind the fact that you are paying good money to enjoy these services so you should at least enjoy your money’s worth. Meal subscription box services should take away the stress of shopping for groceries or writing up a grocery list, and so selecting meals for your plan should also not be difficult. Their menus should be easily customizable and easy to work around. You pay well to eat well and without stress, a good meal subscription box should be able to tick these boxes.
  5. Plan your box according to your schedule: If you’re working around a tight schedule then your meal plans should be adjusted to fit your work routine. This is also part of the convenience that a meal subscription box should give you. If you’re usually unavailable for breakfast on some days then there is no need to add breakfast requests on those days of the week in your plan. You know what your schedule is like, so work with that. This way you do not waste more money on meals that would not be eaten.

With all the meal subscription box services available, meal planning and meal prep should be a fun and interesting activity. You get to try out new recipes and meals made by some of the best hands in the business while also eating healthy. Having learnt all you need to know about meal subscription boxes, making your choice and settling for one of them should be a breeze!